Artistic Mind, Technical Hand.

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Our History

Artec Inc. was founded in May 2013. The members graduated from Tsinghua University, and have been in startup for years. The 'AT' is a share economy app with which you can anonymous help the strangers nearby.

Our Destiny

Artec names from 'Art' & 'Tec'. Just like the both sides of one coin, live together and againest each other, cooperation of the virtual and reality. Art change mind, Tec free hand and Sharing realize dream.

Our Team

Dreaming Start, Keeping Smart.

  • Deng, Changbin

    Deng, Changbin

    Deng is the founder of Artec Inc. He graduated from NUPT in 2002, and post graduated from Tsinghua University in 2006. He co-founded EStrongs Inc. in 2009, and founded Artec Inc. in 2013.
  • Li, Yapeng

    Li, Yapeng

    Li is the co-founder of Artec Inc. He graduated from Tsinghua University majored in industrial design in 2011. He joined EStrongs Inc. in 2012 and now he helds the post of design director of Artec Inc.
  • Deng, Changbin
  • Li, Yapeng

Our APPs

Artec Apps, Easter Eggs.



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